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Because You Deserve It.

Safe, Affordable Talk Therapy

We provide a range of services for women, first responders, military personnel, caregivers, and their families.

Safe, Affordable Talk Therapy for Everybody, that's our Mission.

At Sunrise Family Therapy (SFT), we provide safe and affordable therapy for first responders, women, survivors, caregivers, couples, families, and more. You can talk to someone who has had similar experiences and understands your unique situation. SFT is a diverse clinical group of helping professionals that provide in-office and online talk therapy and support services to clients throughout Washington state. Let us help you work through what is holding you back as you move into the life you want.


How We Help

Discover if we are the right match for you by clicking below. We assist a wide range of individuals, catering to a vast population.


We are seeking enthusiastic and committed individuals to join our team. Explore the opportunities to apply by clicking below.


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From Our Clients


“Seeking services from Sunrise Family Therapy was a remarkably empowering experience." 


"I recommend Sunrise Family Therapy because it didn't feel like therapy, just a regular convo with someone you trust."


"Everyone would benefit from Sunrise Family Therapy."

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